Acai Berry Supplements Benefit To Lose Weight

Acai Berry Supplements Benefit To Lose Weight - Acai berry comes from the Acai Palm Tree that is usually grown in the tropical forest of the Amazon. This fruit has been discovered to aid a lot of illnesses, make your skin look younger, and make you look slimmer. Here are some of the beneficial effects that you can get in eating Acai berry.

Acai Berry for Sleeping Deficiency and weight loss

The Acai berry fruit helps the body in producing more serotonin, a substance that helps put the body to sleep. Eating Acai berry as a habit will work as a mood enhancer that helps you to have a good night sleep, but you will have to lessen your intake of caffeine at night.

Acai Berry a Mood Enhancer by Nature

Working on a day-to-day basis can be tiring and stressful to any individual. For others, it can even be a cause of depression. Research shows that antioxidants found in the Acai berry can also aid in this kind of feeling and can work to enhance your mood. By consuming a bit of this fruit everyday it can make you feel better in a slow, but sure way.

Acai Berry as a Romance Booster

Some might experience a little sexual dysfunction and this could possibly affect marital status. With the help of Acai berry, your blood circulation will be improved and this can increase the level of your libido.

Acai Berry as an Anti-aging Supplement

The body’s skin can be affected by our daily activities like smoking, eating food with synthetic chemicals, and the environmental pollution that greet us everyday. These produce free radicals that can affect the human cells. This is when the skin ages. But with regular intake of Acai berry, the antioxidant content can help fight those free radicals, making you feel and look younger.

Acai Berry as an Energy Booster

The effect of Acai berry in boosting the energy goes directly to the chemicals in the brain. The high energy level found in Acai berry juice will allow you to feel good and active for about 24 – 48 hours. After that your body won’t even feel tired or fatigue. This is the usual feeling when there’s an intake of other energy supplements like vitamins or caffeine on coffee.

acai berry weight loss

Antioxidants found in Acai berry helps the body to burn up calories effectively when doing even the simplest form of physical work possible. Of course, just sitting down won’t burn calories. Eating all the food you desire should also be adjusted accordingly. Intake of Acai berry should be accompanied with a reasonable diet plan and a regular exercise.

Acai berry fruit contains a lot of healthy nutrients that a 100 grams intake of it can give you the following elements.

• Acid - .13%
• Protein – 6%
• Niacin - .40mg
• Iran – 11.8mg
• Vitamin b1 - .36mg
• Vitamin b2 - .01mg
• Vitamin c – 9mg
• Brix – 45.90g
• Fiber – 16.9g
• Phosphorous – 58mg
• Calcium – 9mg
• Calories - 247


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