Herbal Remedies for Diabetics

Herbal Remedies for Diabetics - Diabetes is frightening. It causes pain, discomfort, lifestyle changes, unease, and disorientation, especially in a newly diagnosed patient. There are endless claims for herbal remedies, magic potions, and miracle cures. Are any of these real? Can diabetes be cured, or even helped with herbal cures?
Actually, according to many recent studies, the answer is a direct and simple...maybe.
There are many herbs that can assist a diabetic with their daily care, and health goals. However, under no circumstances should anyone with diabetes stop their prescribed meds, or discontinue their visits to the doctor. Diabetes is an extremely serious disease, with many complications. It’s your life, take care of it.
So, now that the disclaimer and preaching are through, let’s get to the topic at hand. Herbs. What herbs can help with diabetes?
There are many herbs that have been researched and reported to help with diabetes complications. These are used for a variety of r…

Five Steps to Better Diabetes Control

Controlling blood sugar levels, for all diabetics, is a matter of life and death. Good control will provide a long, healthy, productive life. Poor control can lead to neuropathy, retinopathy, kidney failure and heart disease. Diabetes is a very serious, life threatening disease.
How can a diabetic make their life better, healthier, more risk free?
Here are the five steps to a better diabetic life from this author’s point of view: Testing Test your blood sugar regularly. Diabetics who are well controlled will often check their blood sugar once a day. Those diabetics who are less controlled (levels over 175) should check their sugar no less than twice per day (morning and night). Also have your overall level checked by your physician every three months. (This test is referred to as an HbA1c).

Diet / Nutrition Diabetics should avoid refined sugars (regular sodas, candy, cake, pastries, etc.). These can be enjoyed, but should be enjoyed in moderation, in a very controlled diet. Fruits ar…

Health Benefits of Walking Everyday

Health Benefits of Walking Everyday - There is a common misconception that walking is not exercise. A lot of people believe that in order to be healthy and to lose weight, you need to do high impact exercise. Luckily, this is not the case. Studies have shown that walking provides great overall cardiovascular fitness, reduces the risk of cancer and heart disease, lowers cholesterol levels, lowers blood pressure, helps alleviate lower back pain, and reduces the risk of arthritis and osteoporosis. Walking also alleviates stress and depression and improves your immunity as well.
Additional benefits of walking include stimulating creativity and problem solving skills, as well as being used as a form of meditation. Walking gives you the opportunity to be outdoors in the fresh air and the chance to watch the seasons change. It is also the perfect way to get away from phones, pagers, faxes, e-mail, and other interruptions. And, in addition to all these great benefits, walking is safe, easy, a…

Ten Tips for Healthy Aging

Your chances of staying healthy and living a long time can be improved if you:
1. Stay physically, mentally, and socially active.
2. Eat a nutrient dense diet of small frequent meals, including 5 to 9 helpings of fruits and vegetables a day. Don't over eat, even "good" food!
3. Get regular health check-ups and screening tests for heart disease and common cancers (skin, colon, lung, prostate, breast, cervical). Don't delay seeing your doctor for new symptoms, especially over 40!

4. Avoid overexposure to the sun and cold, don't smoke (it's never too late to quit), drink in moderation and don't drink and drive!
5. Practice safety habits at home to prevent falls and fractures. Always wear your seatbelt in a car.
6. Keep or develop a spiritual belief system that enables you to renegotiate life at every turn, adjusting to and accepting the inevitable losses and changes that come with longevity.
7. Cultivate (or keep) a love of and appreciation for life and oth…

What is the Real Benefit of Fiber? Take a Look

Real Benefit of Fiber - On average, Americans consume 10-12grams of fiber per day. To achieve optimal health benefits. We should at least be receiving 30-35grams of fiber per day. Did you know that fiber can benefit our bodies in ways such as lowering cholesterol, control Diabetes, and based on health studies, fiber can protect against Appendicitis, colon problems including diverticulitis, GI problems, and Irritable bowel syndrome. Fiber can help with obesity, ulcers and more.
Soluble fiber can help lower cholesterol levels and protect against Heart Disease. According to the American Heart Association, people with diet rich in soluble fiber can decrease their cholesterol by 10% and have a 20% decrease in Cardiovascular disease. Fiber helps regulate a diabetic blood glucose level and use insulin better. Fiber can also help decrease the fast rising of blood sugars after meals by slowing the digestion and absorption of carbohydrates.
Insoluble fiber is good for the intestines and accordi…