When You Have Periodontal Disease

When You Have Periodontal Disease - Because of periodontal disease, Americans lose about 30 million teeth in the span of a year. When it comes to this, the hard tissue of the jaws becomes exposed as plaque fosters bacteria that eat away the gums. The reason why the tooth begins to work loose is because the bone in the jaws decays and recedes. What a number of dentists are relying on to stop this process is a new material known as HTR polymer. They actually end up gritting their patients’ teeth but it works.

For nine years now, packing HTR polymer into the gaps that occur between the teeth and the diseased jaws are several periodontists on the East Coast. What this polymer consists of are tiny porous plastic beads coated with a calcium compound and it bolsters jaw ridges as denture anchors not to mention prevents jaw deterioration where a tooth has been removed. To keep reading about dentistry please visit dentists in Sydney.

Based from what a New York periodontist said, plaster of Paris, human bones, animal bones, and all sorts of fillers have been tried out. Unlike this one, none of these have been working consistently. What a company spokesman said was that the new materials manufacturer mentioned that a lot of teeth, millions even, can be saved by this product. When it comes to HTR, a number of experts remain skeptical just like they were with various ceramics and metal pins that preceded it.

An official of the American Dental Association’s council on materials and instruments said that the jury is out on this. When it comes to a material that can stimulate bone growth, nothing has been able to do so. Considering the 647 uses of the material, a recent company backed survey of 64 dentists, periodontists, and oral surgeons discovered that 634 of these are successful.

During the attempt to save teeth loosened by periodontal disease, the failures happened. Prior to receiving the Food and Drug Administration approval in 1983, HTR was used experimentally in just a few clinics in New York and the surrounding area. What the company claims is that a 98 percent success rate in more than 4,000 uses worldwide can be attributed to the material. Get further information from best cosmetic dentist about dentistry and more.

Especially for the results and the material itself, these have not been submitted to the dental association who has no official position. The company hopes that the material will gain acceptance nationwide. Biologically compatible, non-reabsorbable, hydrophilic, meaning capable of taking up water, and negatively charged. HTR in this case can be the ideal grafting material.

Considering HTR, he said that it works mysteriously yet simply. Injected in the corroded space around the tooth are the small granules so that they can serve as a sort of scaffolding around which new bone material can collect and grow. When it comes to the hydrophilic nature of the material, it allows it to attract wet bone marrow cells and the negative charge holds them there and stimulates growth. The calcium allows the material to integrate with the bone.

No longer willing to consider stopping with teeth is this man who was once the head of dental research at a medical school in New York. In terms of HTR which stands for hard tissue replacement, he said that it should work anywhere it is called for. What he said was that they already did a considerable amount of work on the spinal fusion and in the treatment of bone fractures. When HTR is properly molded, it can easily be used as a complete bone replacement.


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