Simple and Natural Remedy for Heartburn

Heartburn is something that afflicts people at one point or time in their life. If you suffer from frequent heartburn there you can look into a natural remedy for heartburn and avoid over-the counter drugs. A natural remedy for heartburn can help with the symptoms of heartburn it may be effective for you. Although trying a natural remedy for heartburn may be helpful it may not be a cure all for everybody. Experiment with the natural remedies for heartburn to see what works best for you.

Simple and Natural Remedy for Heartburn

Natural Remedy for Heartburn, Dietary Changes

There are some common foods that are known contributors to heartburn symptoms, and you may find your own natural remedy for heartburn by merely avoiding one of the foods on this list. If you don't see noticeable relief through any of the suggested diet modifications, you can maintain a food diary that will give you a better indication of which foods in your own diet tend to foreshadow your heartburn symptoms. 

Some of the known culprits include citrus fruits and juices, tomatoes and tomato products, onion, garlic, alcoholic and carbonated beverages, chocolate, peppermint, and foods high in fat. Once you are armed with your list, you can start excluding the questionable foods one by one to conclude which diet changes will be the most effective as a natural remedy for heartburn.

Natural Remedy for Heartburn, Lifestyle Modifications

It is not only what you eat that is relevant in curbing the painful symptoms of heartburn, but also when you eat it. Try to refrain from meals in the two to three hours before bedtime, since lying down after eating will make it easier for stomach acids to creep back up into the esophagus. When you do go to bed, elevating the head of your bed four to six inches will help to ensure that you wake in the morning symptom free. It is also a good idea to avoid exercise after a meal, although routine exercise can also be an effective natural heartburn remedy. If certain types of exercise appear to bring on your symptoms, talk to your doctor or personal trainer about better choices in your exercise program. Smoking is another culprit in causing or exacerbating heartburn symptoms, so here is another good reason to kick the habit.

Lastly, find ways to relax and moderate stress, since this stress can contribute to the factors that cause heartburn. Avoiding stress can be a significant natural remedy for heartburn. Sucking on hard candy (as long as it is not mint) can also restraint symptoms by increasing the saliva in the mouth that can act as a natural barrier to the digestive acids. Keep your clothing loose around the middle, since binding the stomach too closely can also contribute to symptoms. By systematically checking off the natural heartburn remedies on your list, you can be on the road to less pain and more symptom free days.

Finding a natural remedy for heartburn can be effective in curbing heartburn, if you find a natural remedy for heartburn that works for you stick with it as long as it is still effective.


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