Heartburn During Pregnancy, Why and How to Cure it?

Heartburn During Pregnancy Is Not An Uncommon Incident

One of the common experiences of pregnancy is heartburn during pregnancy, it usually is harmless but it can be very annoying. Heartburn during pregnancy is a burning sensation that is in your lower throat and is believed to be caused by changes in the bodies hormonal make up. You could get heartburn during pregnancy when the placenta produces hormone progesterone that relaxes the muscles of the uterus.

When this hormone also relaxes the valve that separates the stomach from the esophagus it allows gastric acids to drip back up and, thus results in an unpleasant burning sensation. In addition, progesterone will slow down the wavelike contractions of the womens esophagus as well as intestines and thus greatly slow down digestion.

If you find yourself getting heartburn during pregnancy here are various tips to help.

Heartburn During Pregnancy, Growing Babies Propel The Stomach Acids Back Into The Esophagus

Heartburn during pregnancy occurs when the developing baby crowds the pregnant woman's abdominal cavity and thus pushes the stomach acids back up into the esophagus. It is normal for many pregnant women to complain of heartburn during pregnancy during the second half of their pregnancy though it usually comes and goes till the time of giving birth to the baby.

Heartburn During Pregnancy, Foods to Avoid

It may not be feasible for one to completely eliminate heartburn during pregnancy but, one can take steps to reduce the discomfort. The pregnant woman may make a beginning by avoiding foods as well as beverages that result in gastrointestinal distress and are commonly known to cause heartburn during pregnancy. Most conventional avoidable foods include carbonated drinks, alcohol, caffeine, chocolates, and acidic foods such as citrus fruits as also juices, tomatoes, mustard and vinegar as well as processed meats, mint products and, also spicy and highly seasoned, fried and fatty foods.

Pregnant women should refrain from eating big meals and, should, instead, eat a few small meals during the day and, eat at a slow and stable pace and, also chew completely to escape heartburn during pregnancy. Pregnant women need to abstain from smoking and, should also avoid alcohol intake and, do some exercises such as bending at the knees instead of at the waist and, also wear loose, relaxing clothing and, not wear anything that is excessively tight around the waist and tummy.

Heartburn During Pregnancy, Methods of Relief

Other ways of relieving heartburn during pregnancy include eating chewing gum prior to eating as it will help stimulate the salivary glands and, the saliva will aid in neutralizing acids. In addition, the pregnant mother may sleep with a few pillows being propped up or forming a wedge so that the upper body is raised and keeps the stomach acids where they belong and, thus help in digestion. She should also gain a reasonable amount of weight and not exceed the guidelines that the health care provider suggests.


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