Guide To Gaining Lean Muscle In A Matter Of A Few Months

When it comes to strengthening muscles the average trainee almost always makes some costly mistakes when trying to strengthen their muscles . Some of these mistakes include over training , don’t get enough rest , don’t consume the proper diet, etc. This guide is by no means going to cover 100% of what you need to do, but it will be a great addition to a really good workout plan and will help you achieve your ultimate goal of more strength.

First let’s start with the concept of working out too much when you are trying to build Extreme Strength. When following a workout routine you need to be sure to give your muscles enough time to recover or else they will be too tired to do anything else. Another reason you should allow your muscles to rest is because your muscles will only grow while they are resting. By overtraining or over stimulating the muscles you are not allowing sufficient time for recovery of the muscle tissues and therefore they are never obtaining the rest they need to grow.

If you are a month into an intense workout plan it would be a good idea to take about a 5 day break from working out a particular muscle group. This would give the muscles enough recovery time and would revitalize them for a whole other month of extreme training. It’s okay to continue your cardiovascular workouts and ab workouts while resting your muscles because there is nothing to build with cardiovascular and ab workouts. With cardiovascular and ab workouts you are just losing fat, burning calories and working up your heart rate.

Second let’s address the problem of trying to add Extreme Strength to your body and not sleeping right. Like addressed in the aforementioned, a muscle, like the human body, will only grow while it is resting. It is impossible for anything to grow if it is in continuous strain with no rest. I know this may not be habitual for some individuals but it is recommended to actually take 20 -30 minute naps throughout the week. This gives the body and your muscles the rest they need in order to grow. It has been proven that a 20-30 minute nap during the day is equivalent to getting 4 hours of sleep at night. So you can see the value of taking some “during the day” naps every so often.

Last but not least I would like to address the problem of having an incorrect diet while trying to build Extreme Strength. I absolutely despise it when people try to build muscle by training so hard, day in and day out, and then not eating the right foods. Then they get frustrated because they keep trying and trying and they still look the same as they did before they even started working out. Well the reality is that eating right is 80% responsible for sculpting the way you will look while working out. If you are only working out and not on the right diet then you will only see at max a 20% difference. Just to mention you would have to be one of the genetically gifted ones to be lucky enough to see a 20% difference. While trying to build nice lean strong muscles it is imperative that you eat healthy and non fatty foods. If you are trying to build muscle then eat a lot more non fatty calories and have a larger protein intake. If you are trying to maintain the muscle you already have then stay consistent with the volume of protein and calories you are intaking right now.

In conclusion, although this guide does not cover 100% of all aspects regarding muscle building it is an important guide in what is required to obtain that body you have always dreamed of. To keep this all summarized in your mind throughout your workout plan It is important to remember just three things: not to over train, get enough rest]rest your body and muscles, and to eat the right food.


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